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Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By Ahmed Note: If You Want to Publis...

Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By Ahmed Note: If You Want to Publish Your Love Story Message Join Our Love Magics Group And Publish Your Story For Free 
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Thinking about GUN & GIRL ♥️(GL)
Sitting and nicely talking Together to Eat the Breakfast is a Nice thing but Shouting on me that you are not eating while I had so much,
This is not a Right thing. Sometimes He behaves like my mom. I just took the plate and put it in the kitchen. I am just sitting corner in a small room while This time it just..
The Light is Blinking Just like while I seen this kind of Experience I had.
The left side Window just open and Some piece of Paper just flew towards me...
surprisingly , My mom and dad coming in the home. They are just eating breakfast,just like I ate now. Exactly my mom is shouting on my dad. This is happening beside me. I am so scared and I said to my inner soul
"Please stop this"
I will do it, I will
While again seeing straight
They are no one
Ok fine!!!
But Wait for one second😥
While eating breakfast
Ashok said that he kept the my diary in bag and My Gun is in the Bag.
Dammm... Shit
Why I am so careless??
I want to ask him to didn't tell anyone about this. I just got it and went to him.
He is so serious, I think he seen it.
Did he tell anyone then I don't have  choice.
I just messaging him
'Did you see the .
He just turn towards me.
Son of a Bitch.😥
I didn't expect this one.
I just nodded my head towards up (who)
he said - - - My boss
I understand that he is not serious about me
But what about Diary and Gun?
I just messaged him where is My diary?
He said
Oh!! I just forget, I just kept in my Bag.
So, He didn't check my Bag.
Before 10 minutes I just seeing and Feeling scared but Now I am feeling Better while comparing to Before.
He said Go and Ready Bro...
We are Going out😍😍😍
I just Nodded my head round and round
then I am going to bath and He is taking his bag in the same room while I sat before same place.
He just turned Page📄📖
and started😉
While I am in Fast food Centre with my friends
and laughing each other then
All are just stunned and looking like there is a moon in day.
I just turned back and Same thing happened to me.
In a Pink Dress with a Ponytail Hair style
Those small Lips and Big eyes and Chubby cheeks just not blinking my eyes.
All are wishing her HBD HARIKA
but I am just sitting and seeing her.
I am very Jealous Seriously😤
But I just covered with a Fake smile😅😁
After those wishes and Gifts
She just sat beside me and I am seeing her closely. Here There is one Good and Bad thing for me.
Seniors just entered in to the same place.
Five Seniors coming towards her Table.
On my Table Three milkshakes with two plates of French Fries with Sause.
Left side there is a Royal Enfield workshop,
Some one is trying to start the bike but he can't. Right side A kid is crying...
I am just watching her smile... that's it.
Seniors came and Sat beside her and said
"How much your Rate"?
"Can I take your lipstick from your Lips"?
"Are u free for this Night"?
Blah..... blah.....
Suddenly Her smiley face became sad face.
I turned to my friend's side and asked him
"Completed your French Fries"?
He just said No!!
I said complete Fast now.
Seniors are leaving from her and walking infront of me.
My friend said Yes!
Immediately I took the plate from my friends hand and slapped on one senior face.
Right side Kid stopped Crying and Left side the Bike started and My BGM started😎🔥.
I just smashing them on their faces and all are watching like a cinematic scene.
Some drops of Tears from her Eyes are very important to me while comparing to
Some drops of Blood from my Hand.
I just moved from that place without wishing her.
I know I am not done a  Good thing but in that situation I just messed up.
While Her Dad seen me first time in college,
He said to me that Take care of her Child, She is studying with you and I know you Will do this. I don't know what is this correct meaning but it is so mean to me.
While I caught to My Dad in her Home, He asked me slowly "Do you interested in her"?
I said I am not Interested, I am just Loved her.
She is Mine and I can't leave her anymore.
He just Smiled and said "Carry on".
Do you Think that I am Wrong??
I am Expecting More Love from her.

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