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UNEXPECTED. Chapter-3... (FRIENDS??)

Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By  Ahmed Note: If You Want to Pub...

Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By Ahmed
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I am sleepy..😴 But my friend is so anxiety to read that diary..😙
I don't know people are so curious of reading or listening to others privacy.
But I am not used to blame them because I am also interested to know others life😁
I am a good person with a Bad attitude that you will find me in my story😎
So my Attitude just killed me to find that girl.
For her I am just making friendship with everyone and asking them..
No one replied me perfectly 😥
while  I am student, I used to stand at Gate like a watchman to see her.
at last I seen her, This time I won't give chance to anyone. I am just following her.
I am just shocked that she is going to my class. For the First time "GOD IS THERE".
This time Going to class - - - Lunch - - - Going to class this makes me more better.
Searching for love quotes, Listening Love songs, watching romantic movies are my hobbies from that day when I seen her.
Everyday  I am seeing but I don't know while she knows it or not.
so, This time I make a plan to buy a friendship band and give it to her.
I know this is childish but not too bad.
I gave it to my friend and told him to give her and tell my name. He said Don't worry, I will.
I went to canteen in lunch break and coming to the class. He is giving that band to his girl friend. I don't know what I want to do.
I just want to slap him and take that band from her gf hand ✋. But Suddenly HARIKA smile is like a refrigerator which makes me cool. Later I just didn't talk to him.
Friends with Benefits are there  but not like this. Later I found her home which is 5km far away from my home.
I just tried so many tricks and at last she accepted me as a friend.
Did you know I am a huge fan of Mahesh Babu, He is a superstar of tollywood.
if you didn't know Go and check out ...😎😎
After that I went to her home once and Just to know if she have any siblings😉
If she really have I want to impress him first then I want to flirt her but
this time it is very easy to me because she has no siblings😂😂😂.
I said to my mom that I want to go to tution.
she looked like me wierd. I know she will.
I told her to convince Dad. I know she will.
First time I Just take 10 minutes to talk with HARIKA.I told her that I have some doubts in some subjects, Can u explain me??😥
She quickly said yes!!!
For the first Time,I didnt waste my time.
Every day I went to her Home, Just to see her closely. Don't think about me I am bad.
Her mom is so sweet, she always talk so nicely. But I didn't see her Father in Home.
I think he is very Busy person.
One fine day my Phone Ringing 📳
I just lifted the call and Said Tell Dad
He said that I am going to Ajay home.
You just take my bike and wait in office.
I said ok!😁
That time the bell rings... and
I said D...A....D ..... (DAD)
I just Read your 1/4th part of your diary.
Go and have some breakfast
I just nodded my head and .....😴😴
Suddenly I just awake and used to check my Pockets and I find my Gun.
I just kept that in my Bag and sent a message to unknown stranger number that
when we are going to meet?
But there is No reply from him and I am waiting for him 🚶🚶🚶

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