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A Dad's love for his Daughter no matter whatever his age

A Dad & Daughter Best Relationship True Stories One Of Member in India from Vizag. Curious, the things you can learn when you tuck w...

A Dad & Daughter Best Relationship True Stories One Of Member in India from Vizag.

Curious, the things you can learn when you tuck ways away and allow yourself to monitor.

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Roshini and I slipped into the antiquated Yellow leather and steel corner of a diner in Birmingham and settled our breakfast order.

As we splashed cream into brewing black coffee, we heard the shrilling peal of the phone at the cash register.

Guest answered the graying man with silver hair and loose skin that hung in folds around his neck.

He answered quickly but faster than you could say eggs over easy, his voice melted like marshmallows dropped into hot chocolate. Oh hey, honey.

That's what caught our consideration. We stopped raised our eyebrows and leaned closer to monitor better.

Where are you? He abode. You didn't forget your camera, did you? Another pause. Be sure to put it in the case of airport security. Don't walk through the director with it. Then, don't forget it. You've got your money, right?" Another pause. ok, darling. Call me first thing so I'll know you're all right.

He smiled. I love you. Be careful. Bye, sweetheart.

Really, I don't know how we understood, but anyhow we studied it was his daughter. Gentlewomen's intuition, I guess. Though, he did seem too old to have a young child that he would be speaking to like that. He flapped up the phone. We laughed sentimentally like women will do because communications like that touch our hearts.

Isn't that sweet? I asked.

Roshini approved. She turned throughout, craning her neck to look at the man who was hiding to the morning newspaper in the first corner. Then, she sold us out.

That must have been your daughter. It was so sweet.

He chuckled slightly and blushed. Yeah, that was my girl.

It's wonderful to hear a father talk like that, I remarked.

He put the newspaper down. She's 40 years old. Before that comment could stun us, he continued. She's got MS It hasn't progressed much in the past five years. She's going to Washington, D.C. He looked out the large plate glass window, studying the morning sunlight that dappled the trees and cars parked along the street. He waited a long moment before speaking again.

I love that girl so. She's her mama made over. He shook his head slowly.

That scene hangs with me. In a little Alabama diner on a quiet, tree-lined street, we saw a father unashamed to say I love you" to a daughter who was half a century old. And, not ashamed to say it loud enough for the eager ears of visitors.

Funny, the things that will warm your heart when you tuck your manners away long enough to eavesdrop.

Copyright, 2006, Ronda Rich

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