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Unexpected CHAPTER -2 (BUSTED & RESTED?)

Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By  Ahmed Note: If You Want to Pub...

Hi, Love-Magics Readers Welcome to Our Website We are Writing Real True Story - This Story Is Written By Ahmed
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Taking Ticket and Coming to New Town is an easy While comparing to find a friend home Without anyone help.

But there is one hope "GOOGLE MAPS"
At last, reaching to my friend home is like a Visiting a new Arena. I have one fear that he remembers me or forgotten ???

I think I am too much thinking. Before entering into his home I just forget to tell myself that Don't be a fool and Handle the GUN which is in my Back pocket.

I knocked on the door because I can't find the bell switchboard so I started knocking.

after 3 to 4 times he just opened the door and Looked me so weird. I am also weird because he is handsome while comparing to college life. I entered into his Home, He just smiled and asked me a lot of questions at a time.

But I didn't reply. He has a Kid and his looks are so similar to his Dad.

I am just conveying this Lines in a simple manner because no one wants to open the dictionary and feels embarrassed with my statements.

He asked me a question
Why are u not talking???

I just have no words to say, So 
Taking out my Phone 
keeping message to him
That today I have promised to her(Love)
that I didn't talk to anyone🚶🚶♥

He understood my reply very quickly by seeing the notification message.

After that He is asking questions and I am just going to type in an SMS.

Looks like it is somewhat Interesting to him.
At that time I am uncomfortable with my train Journey. So I wanna type that I want to take some rest, but he didn't give me a chance. 

He just typing... 
He asked about my mom and Dad 
He just repeating the same question because I am not replying and I am thinking about something else...

He said Leave this Topic and tell about HARIKA...♥♥♥
As u saw the emoji of 💓 
my heartbeat goes Fast. 

I Completed with my intermediate with good percentage. I am not a Topper but This percentage satisfied me.
After that, I just selected in a Best University with my Dad's recommendation.

I said to my mom that
My Life My rules😎
if I like it then I will stay or Just leave.
She just smiled and Said Ok! 

First Day : 
Somewhat Interesting
New friends

Second Day: 
These two days are quite good and I thought that all days are like this.

But First time I am wrong.
Going to class --- Lunch --- Going to class.
one week --- same procedure 

I am ready to leave this college and my decision and discussion are finished.

I just wrote a letter and went to the principal chamber. But he is not there.

so I went to class then I saw her.
TIME IS 1:43 and my HEART is saying 
Go and talk to her🚶🚶🚶
In that perfect Time 😅😅😅
My dad's friend came towards me 
and my friend just slapped me and said

what are you thinking? 
Oh!!!! I think I am just...
I took a diary from my bag and gave it to him and I went to take some rest.
He just took the diary and opened it.
Continue the past...
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